Here’s some helpful FAQ’s from insulation experts at The Woolmen

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FAQ - The Woolmen in Alstonville NSW

Good insulation can help make your home more comfortable throughout the year. In winter insulation can keep your home up to 10 degrees warmer and in summer insulation can reduce heat transfer through the ceiling by up to 70%.

Modern building design has created a sealed environment in the roof cavity, the roof area receives the first and last of the sun’s heat during the day, during Summer, as the roof cavity builds up with heat, it also builds up with pressure, it is this pressure that forces this accumulated heat through your insulation and then the ceiling into the living area of your home, with adequate ventilation of the roof cavity you release this pressure and heat therefore increasing the performance of your insulation. During Winter they help extract cold moist air. Extra vent in the eaves may be required to replace the air being extracted.

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