Residential insulation, ventilation, and skylights

The Woolmen offer residential clients in the Northern Rivers and Alstonville region of NSW, supply only, and supply and installation services, along with expert repairs and maintenance.


The right insulation for your home will:

  • Save you money and conserve your energy use
  • Help maintain a uniform temperature throughout the house
  • Help keep your walls and floors warm in winter and cool in summer


Modern homes are typically sealed well, meaning uncontrolled air through cracks and holes are far less common than they used to be. Without good ventilation the only way to control airflow is to open doors or windows.

Plywood - The Woolmen in Alstonville NSW
Polyester - The Woolmen in Alstonville NSW
The right ventilation for your home will:
  • Help you control airflow inside your home
  • Help remove stale air, pollutants, moisture, and odours
  • Prevent condensation which can lead to mould and damp
  • Help keep your home cool in the summer and warmer in the winter


While the main purpose of a skylight is to allow light in, they have some added benefits that many people often overlook. The right skylight for your home can:
  • Give you light and privacy in rooms like a bathroom or bedroom without having to open curtains or blinds
  • Lift your mood with natural light and get more vitamin D
  • Accentuate features in your home by illuminating it with natural light