Foil insulation

Residential, commercial, and industrial foil insulation solutions

Foil insulation works by taking advantage of the high reflectivity and the low emissivity properties of aluminium foil. It must work in conjunction with a still air layer for maximum effectiveness. Still air provides an extra insulating layer and reduces conductance to other materials.  In the Northern Rivers region of NSW, summer months can be especially hot. When the sun is beating down all day on your roof tiles or metal roof and external walls, your home can quickly heat up. During high wind conditions, hot or cold air can penetrate through the joins in traditional weatherboard or cladding, foil insulation will also help reduce this unwanted element.

When foil insulation is installed next to an open space it can reduce the transfer of heat.

Roof installation: Up to R1.3 may be added to roof insulation system when foil insulation is installed.

Wall installation: Up to R1.1 may be added to wall insulation system when foil insulation is installed.

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