Industrial insulation, ventilation, and skylights

Since 1993, The Woolmen have been serving businesses in the Alstonville, Northern Rivers and Lismore region with industrial insulation products, ventilation systems, and skylights. Visit our About Us page to learn more.

We can do an on-site consultation and free quote for any of our services, throughout the Northern Rivers and Lismore region of NSW.

Industrial Insulation Solutions

Industrial insulation is essentially the same type of insulation used for residential homes. The main difference is the scale of the project and the requirements. Insulation can be used to reduce noise, reduce heat loss or heat gain, prevent condensation on cold surfaces, help facilitate temperature, and even reduce equipment damage caused from fire or corrosive environments. We can install insulation inside roof cavities, walls, floors, plumbing systems, and piping.

Industrial Ventilation Solutions

Industrial premises typically demand special ventilation solutions designed specifically for the type of building and industry. Keeping air circulating and help expel poor quality air, odours, and airborne dust.

Industrial Skylights

We stock and install leading brands of skylights that can be fitted to roofs and windows. For skylights we offer Supply Only (pick up or delivery), Fit to Roof OnlyFull Custom Install, and Repairs/Replacement.